About us

The Kruispuntgemeenschap is an open ecumenical community celebratig the love and grace of God.

We meet at the Marlotkerk, Bloklandenplein 15 in The Hague:

  • to praise God and share the joy of life with one another,
  • to open up our hearts to the wonder of God’s presence in silence and prayer,
  • to let the Holy Scripture speak to us and touch us,
  • to be guests at the Lord’s Table and experience the power of his love,
  • to seek consolation and encouragement from God and each other,
  • to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ,
  • to pray for and pay attention to the sick and those in need,
  • to share in the care for creation and society.

Being fully aware of the challenges a Christian community is confronted with in the present-day secularized world, we, in all modesty, try to be a community praying and waiting until He comes again.

Our name Kruispuntgemeenschap (Crossroads Community) indicates that the Lord crosses our lives and invites us to his salvation and peace. At the crossroads of our lives we are called to take the right direction: follow Christ, who died for us on the cross and as the risen and living Lord grants us new life.

We are an ecumenical community. Although most of us are members of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands, some of us are Roman Catholics or Anglicans.
As Christians with various backgrounds we encourage and inspire each other in seeking the way of God with this world.

In the celebration of the liturgy, which takes up a central position in our spirituality, we experience the communion with the church of all times and places. Acknowledging the Jewish roots of Christian worship we are inspired both by the classic sources of the church and the insights of the Reformation, because we believe that the Catholic tradition and the principles of the Reformation do not contradict, but rather complement each other.
The celebration of the liturgy helps us to realize our calling to glorify the name of God and his Son Jesus Christ and, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to be witnesses of his mercy and love.

Daily we are confronted with the problems of our world and sometimes they seem insurmountable. As a community we want to take our responsibility, through our prayer and worship, based on our faith in God’s ultimate triumph. In worship we celebrate the fact that our God is a living God who is our help and strength in this life and ensures us through his Word and Spirit of a hopeful future.

As a celebrating and praying community we seek to be both active and positive stewards of God’s presence in this world.

Everybody to whom the aim of our community appeals is welcome to worship with us.

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